Choose your own payment conditions:

We offer various payment methods to suit your needs:

You will be scheduled for regular visits with the convenience of being able to only pay the fees for the treatment performed in each session in order to control your spending.

If you prefer, we can provide a comprehensive treatment. Ask for a free quotation and we will organize the treatment in several scheduled appointments through advanced installments and a final payment on the scheduled date of treatment completion.

We also offer different funding systems to defer payment for several months easily and according to your financial possibilities.

If you have health care insurance, notify us on your first visit so that we can help ensure that your treatment costs are covered by your insurance company.

All of our patients have the opportunity to benefit from an oral health information program supported by several types of in-house audiovisual resources and brochures sorted by age and subject. Do not hesitate to request it whenever you want. Our clinic staff is always happy and willing to help our costumers and explain everything related to their particular dental needs.

For more information on health, beauty, treatments, and rates, feel free to contact us.